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Like Reagan/Bodhi from Point Break?

Nailed it. Though being Tricky Dick Nixon would be fun, too.


Between the surfing, sky diving, extreme, beach tackle football games, and the fisticuffs, bank robbery preparation is more strenuous than basic training.

The little hand says it's time to rock and roll.

Continually being able to remind Johnny Utah that you slept with Tyler before him.

Having guys like Rosie have your back in fights.


Having to hang out with guys like Rosie to ensure they have your back in fights.

Getting stuck with the Herbert Hoover mask.

Having to hear Bodhi sing "She's Like the Wind" in the car on the way to the bank.

Utah, Johnny Utah.

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Bodhi: They only live to get radical. They don't understand the sea, so they'll never get the spiritual side of it.

Bodhi: Little hand says its time to rock & roll.

Bodhi: 100% pure adrenaline!

Quick Note from Robot GC's Lawyer:

Don't really become a bank robber.

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